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5 Supplements to Take Every Day

We people are always too busy that we no longer notice how we abuse ourselves. Our body needs to be taken cared off. We worry too much about the materials things we want, but we often forget about what our body needs. Most of the time, we can only remember to take care of our body needs, if we fell sick. No doubt about that, because right at that point you can feel how your body is hurting. It’s our body’s way of saying that it needs nurturing too. Do not wait for our body to betray us. Here are five supplements our body needs to stay healthy.

Vitamin C


The primary role of Vitamin C in our body is it serves as a shield. It defends our body against viruses or a common cold. It strengthens our immune system. It also helps our body heal faster. If you are wondering why you have dry skin, it can probably be caused by Vitamin C efficiency. Good vision is also one of the benefits of Vitamin C.



It is the right bacteria in our body that plays a significant role in our digestive system. Let’s get it simple. You were hospitalized and were prescribed an antibiotic. You lose those your good bacteria leaving just the bad ones in your body. It won’t be balanced. Taking probiotics can replace the good bacteria and return your body back to normal.



Calcium is what’s keeping you on your toes. It makes your bones and teeth stronger. Lack of Calcium in your body can start a lot of problem and ailment. It also plays a big part in keeping a heart in its right rhythm. If you want to decrease your probability of having Osteoporosis, then start maintaining an adequate intake of Calcium.

Vitamin B


If you have experienced severe migraine, Vitamin B should be your best bud. It helps to lessen those migraines. It also gives you a good perspective on life. It can improve your memory, and it lets you stay away from depression. People who take Vitamin B tend to be more happy and lively.



Heart diseases are very rampant. Most of the time, it takes us by surprise. Regular intake of Omega-3 can lessen the risk of heart ailments. It also helps regulate the cholesterol level in the body. Omerga-3 can even fight autoimmune diseases. You remember what they say about it? It’s good for the heart!

The supplements stated above are just the major supplements that our body needs. Always put in mind that our body needs more than that. It is not enough to just have one supplement adequately. The human body has a lot of requirements. Our body have a very long patience. Let’s not wait for our body to get tired because the price to pay can never be defined. We all know that if we treat ‘em well, we get it better. We treat ‘em bad we get it worse.