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5 Things to Know Before Getting Your Child into Competitive Swimming

Mobile phones, computers, and online games are just a few things that parents dread to be their child’s addiction. The modern technology provides easy access to the kids to be uninterested in any physical activities anymore. To all the parents out there you have to relax because there are ways to get them out from their headphones and consoles.

What you can do is to take advantage of what is fun for the kids. The magic of water is one of those. Encourage your child to participate in competitive swimming. It can teach them socialization, sportsmanship, and health consciousness. There are just a few reminders that you need to take note before you let your children dip and play.

Let Them Learn


You cannot just let you child compete without knowing how to swim. Sign them up for swimming lessons that specialize in teaching little kids the basics of swimming.

It is always an advantage to learn the proper way first hand so that they will have an excellent foundation.

Gear Them Up

13Get your kids what they need. It is important that they have the essential things required for the sport for their safety. You want what’s best for your children.

Let them learn and keep them safe. If you are not sure of the things, your child will need you can always ask the instructor. They can give you advice and tips on what to buy.

Start Small

11Every great swimmer started from scratch. They were nobody until they made a name for themselves.

You don’t expect your child to be in a state-wide competition for his first try, do you? Let them start from school. Surely schools conduct contests.

Safety Precautions

15You have to be vigilant. The safety of the children should be the priority.

They should be closely monitored so we can avoid accidents and possible drowning.

Remember, even the experienced ones can still have accidents.


Swimming can be a lifelong sport that your children can enjoy. It can be developed as a career in the long run. They would need a lot of support so that they can achieve their goals.

5 Things to Do After Every Run

We have heard many things that can be done to prepare for a run. Numerous tips and pointers have been given on our blog. We seldom give importance to what we should do after a good run. Okay, maybe you will say you are too tired to think of anything else, and you just want to sit down and catch your breath. I bet you anything, 90% of you will agree with that. I am guilty with the same thought, but we are wrong. We need to take into consideration the importance of a post-run to do list.

Halt Gradually

Don’t stop in an instant. There is a right process of cooling down after a long run. You need to stop it slowly as it can help rebuild the damaged muscles. You can jog for a few minutes then some jumping jacks or lower body exercises as it can lessen the strained muscles as a result of an aftershock.

Bottoms Up

You run, you sweat. Drink up and replace the fluids you lost upon sweating. It is a must unless you don’t want to be able to run another day. You can take sports drinks available in the market or stick with water. It can help you hydrate.


Stretch those legs. It is important, but you don’t have to force your muscles. Do it slowly then hold once you can feel a bit of a strain in your muscles. It helps a lot to lessen soreness in your muscles after an intense run.

Eat Up

You used up a lot of energy, so you need to eat and recharge. Carbs and protein is a must. Your muscles need repairs. You can intake yogurt, fruits, egg and even the chocolate drink.


After an intense workout, there is no better way for your body to recover than sleeping. Make sure that the 8-hour rule can be achieved. As you sleep, your body heals and replenish your muscles. Lack of sleep can just create trouble for you. Your body needs to recover to avoid any injury.

5 Supplements to Take Every Day

We people are always too busy that we no longer notice how we abuse ourselves. Our body needs to be taken cared off. We worry too much about the materials things we want, but we often forget about what our body needs. Most of the time, we can only remember to take care of our body needs, if we fell sick. No doubt about that, because right at that point you can feel how your body is hurting. It’s our body’s way of saying that it needs nurturing too. Do not wait for our body to betray us. Here are five supplements our body needs to stay healthy.

Vitamin C


The primary role of Vitamin C in our body is it serves as a shield. It defends our body against viruses or a common cold. It strengthens our immune system. It also helps our body heal faster. If you are wondering why you have dry skin, it can probably be caused by Vitamin C efficiency. Good vision is also one of the benefits of Vitamin C.



It is the right bacteria in our body that plays a significant role in our digestive system. Let’s get it simple. You were hospitalized and were prescribed an antibiotic. You lose those your good bacteria leaving just the bad ones in your body. It won’t be balanced. Taking probiotics can replace the good bacteria and return your body back to normal.



Calcium is what’s keeping you on your toes. It makes your bones and teeth stronger. Lack of Calcium in your body can start a lot of problem and ailment. It also plays a big part in keeping a heart in its right rhythm. If you want to decrease your probability of having Osteoporosis, then start maintaining an adequate intake of Calcium.

Vitamin B


If you have experienced severe migraine, Vitamin B should be your best bud. It helps to lessen those migraines. It also gives you a good perspective on life. It can improve your memory, and it lets you stay away from depression. People who take Vitamin B tend to be more happy and lively.



Heart diseases are very rampant. Most of the time, it takes us by surprise. Regular intake of Omega-3 can lessen the risk of heart ailments. It also helps regulate the cholesterol level in the body. Omerga-3 can even fight autoimmune diseases. You remember what they say about it? It’s good for the heart!

The supplements stated above are just the major supplements that our body needs. Always put in mind that our body needs more than that. It is not enough to just have one supplement adequately. The human body has a lot of requirements. Our body have a very long patience. Let’s not wait for our body to get tired because the price to pay can never be defined. We all know that if we treat ‘em well, we get it better. We treat ‘em bad we get it worse.


6 Reasons Why All Athletes Should Sprint

Okay, you are not part of the Track and Field team, but you are being asked to sprint as part of your training. Believe it or not, all athletes need to make a dash. No matter what sports you are in, you will need it at one point or another. It is an essential tool that all athletes can benefit from. Let me cite some examples why it is important and why you should do it.

It is a staple ingredient

Whatever sport you are playing, you need it. Basketball has fast breaks, high jump off long jump needs an initial run, Tennis needs quick steps, and you need fast legs for a high octane volleyball rally.

Athletic Muscle

Sprint training will develop your athletic muscles so it can be comfortable with even more challenging tasks. You can undergo a lot of training you may know, but sprinting is the only one that has the capability to provide this result.

Neuromuscular Overload

Starting from the Central Nervous System sprinting can stimulate a whole body coordination. It can result in unleashing or exceeding the athlete’s limit.

Last Longer

The more you increase your speed, the more you can run at much lower speed. It strengthens your stamina and efficiency.

It Improves Control

It helps you get more control with acyclic activities. You can easily do the things that you need a good head start or an impeccable release without a sweat.

Endurance Booster

The more you train on sprinting, the better it will develop your endurance. You will be surprised that after a series of training you can easily run longer with just less oxygen consumption.

You see how important sprinting is? It has many benefits that will help you whatever sport you are training for. It is one of the best training an athlete can undergo.