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5 Things to Do After Every Run

We have heard many things that can be done to prepare for a run. Numerous tips and pointers have been given on our blog. We seldom give importance to what we should do after a good run. Okay, maybe you will say you are too tired to think of anything else, and you just want to sit down and catch your breath. I bet you anything, 90% of you will agree with that. I am guilty with the same thought, but we are wrong. We need to take into consideration the importance of a post-run to do list.

Halt Gradually

Don’t stop in an instant. There is a right process of cooling down after a long run. You need to stop it slowly as it can help rebuild the damaged muscles. You can jog for a few minutes then some jumping jacks or lower body exercises as it can lessen the strained muscles as a result of an aftershock.

Bottoms Up

You run, you sweat. Drink up and replace the fluids you lost upon sweating. It is a must unless you don’t want to be able to run another day. You can take sports drinks available in the market or stick with water. It can help you hydrate.


Stretch those legs. It is important, but you don’t have to force your muscles. Do it slowly then hold once you can feel a bit of a strain in your muscles. It helps a lot to lessen soreness in your muscles after an intense run.

Eat Up

You used up a lot of energy, so you need to eat and recharge. Carbs and protein is a must. Your muscles need repairs. You can intake yogurt, fruits, egg and even the chocolate drink.


After an intense workout, there is no better way for your body to recover than sleeping. Make sure that the 8-hour rule can be achieved. As you sleep, your body heals and replenish your muscles. Lack of sleep can just create trouble for you. Your body needs to recover to avoid any injury.